Dog Causes Fender Bender When He Goes For Tasty Treat Sitting On Dashboard.

Car accidents aren’t usually laughing matters, but this one left everyone giggling.

Last week, Paul Shearn and his family were gearing up to spend the holiday weekend at his grandparents’ farm. With the hopes of getting things in order before the rest of the family arrived, Paul and his faithful, four-legged companion Elvis, decided to get a head start on the trip. Paul already had a container of bacon grease to season the cast-iron skillet, but he needed to stock up on some other supplies, so he drove to a nearby grocery store in Owensboro, Kentucky, before hitting the open road.

shearn family

He didn’t expect to be gone long, so he left the 13-year-old dog in the truck’s cab with the air conditioner running and told him to be a good boy. Then, he went inside.

When have I ever done anything wrong?

elvis dog

So, remember that container of bacon grease we mentioned earlier? That’s key to this whole story because Paul left it on the dashboard… directly in front of Elvis’s nose… so close, he could hear it calling his name.

Meanwhile, back in the store, Paul paid for his groceries and made his way back outside. As he walked through the parking lot, he found himself walking directly behind a police officer; a cop who was heading in the general direction of his truck.

elvis truck crash

“I thought, ‘Where’s he going?’” Paul recalled. His eyes shifted over the officer’s shoulder, and that’s when he saw it. His truck was five or six yards away from where he’d left it, and the front bumper was crunched into the side of a sedan.

Wasn’t me…

smiling elvis

Paul walked over to his truck and discovered the fault in his ways. He’d left Elvis alone with the bacon fat in front of the steering wheel, he was surely thinking: “Dad wouldn’t have just left the bacon fat in plain sight if he didn’t want me to have some! Just a little something to tide me over until we can get the skillet going…”

container of fat

Elvis took a chance and went for it, accidentally shifting the car into gear because Paul hadn’t put the parking brake on!

Accidents, even minor fender benders, are almost always stressful for all parties involved, but this one was so adorable, everyone was laughing.

laughing cop

Once Paul realized even the other driver David Adams saw the humor in the situation…

other driver

We exchanged information, and just laughed and shook hands. I told him, ‘I’m documenting this, so you’ll have proof when you tell your friends about what happened.’

The video’s since gone viral, and we’re all laughing along with everyone else! But so many people questioned why he had a container of bacon grease that Paul’s wife, Kami, had to step in multiple times to explain:

bacon grease comment

Watch Paul’s play-by-play of this adorable accident in the clip below, and share to make more people laugh!

You’re not going to believe it but this actually just happened in #Meijer parking lot in Owensboro, KY! Feel free to share!!! Hopefully I’ll make some money to help pay for the damages and possibly driving lessons for the passenger<imgsrc=”” alt=”😫” class=”wp-smiley” style=”height: 1em; max-height: 1em;”> David Adams here’s your proof! #doggonebacon #elvisisalive #arewestillingoodhandswithallstate #changinghisnametomayhem

Posted by Paul Shearn on Sunday, September 2, 2018