Wind Blows Teen’s Homecoming Proposal Into Wrong Yard & Helps 2 Strangers Meet.

Some of life’s little “signs” are subtle, while others are blatantly obvious. And, in this case, some of those signs are literal signs.

In the sleepy Utah town of Saratoga Springs, teens from Westlake High School have a tradition of placing a creative poster on the doorstep of the person they hope will be their date for the homecoming dance. Grayson Beck, a senior at the school, finally worked up the nerve to ask a girl to the dance, but it turned out fate had other plans.

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The girl Grayson asked to homecoming is a tennis player, so Grayson came up with a funny slogan for his sign, adorning the poster board with tennis balls. “I finally got the balls to ask you to Hoco,” the sign read, and it was signed with his name. He placed his sign on the girl’s front porch and went home to await his reply.


What Grayson didn’t know was that a particularly windy day swept his sign off of his intended date’s porch and deposited it down the street, at the home of the Pyfer family.


De Anne Pyfer explained, “My son found it and brought it in. I was like, ‘Well, we better figure out who it belongs to.’”


De Anne posted a photo of the sign on Facebook, and social media quickly pointed her in Grayson’s direction. The teen says it was “absolutely mortifying” to discover his sign at another family’s home, even more so when he learned his intended date was going to the dance with someone else.

“I thought that was the end of it,” he said. “I thought that, I’ll just stay home from homecoming this time.”

But when fate sends you a sign, you’d better follow it.

It turns out that the Pyfers had just moved to town a few months before, and they happened to have a daughter who was in the same grade as Grayson. Bria was so new to school that she didn’t have a date for homecoming either, so it quickly became clear that these two were meant to meet!


Grayson and his friends got out their poster board and markers and made a brand new sign, but this time it was meant for Bria.

“I left my poster here, is it alright if I trade you this one?” he asked in a grainy home video De Anne shared online. In his hands was a sign intended just for Bria: “The winds of fate blew me to you. What a great icebreaker. Homecoming?”

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Bria wasted no time in accepting his offer with a sign of her own:

“Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number (and candy), I won’t say maybe… Yes!”


Grayson and Bria are now making plans for the upcoming homecoming dance, and Grayson says, “”I’m really excited for homecoming this year!”

Judging by the way the universe conspired to bring them together, something tells us this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

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