Girl Starts Giving Friend’s Number After Being Hit On By Creepy Dudes, And He Destroys Them All

What’s the most classic escape technique that girls use on creepy guys they meet all the time? Well, the fake number, of course. It can, however, sometimes backfire. The creepers might start stalking you on the social media, or even worse, harass your friends, and the situation might escalate. So, one girl’s guy friend gave her a completely new and different solution.

He offered her to give his own cell number whenever some creepy guy is bothering her, and he received a wave of creepy messages. The funny part? He decided to use the opportunity to troll these guys, and brace yourself, because it’s some next level trolling! Scroll down to check out some of the text message exchanges between the guys and “the girl” from the bar, and tell us what you think in the comments!

Hopefully, these dudes learned their lesson and will think twice before harassing girls the next time they meet someone.

Some people thought that this idea was brilliant and were horrified at just how creepy some guys can be.