Son Was Falling Towards Death Off Balcony But Dad’s Superhuman Reaction Stuns Everyone.

Brad Lewis literally took the fall for his son.

Earlier this month, they were playing on the balcony at a friend’s house in Sydney, Australia, and his son, Oscar, playfully shot him with a Nerf gun. But the plastic bullets whizzed past him and flew over the balcony, and when the young boy raced to catch them, he lost his balance and started to fall.

brad and sons

Oscar (above, left) would’ve gone straight over the first-floor railing, but thankfully, Brad grabbed him just in the nick of time. Their combined weight, however, caused Oscar to lose his own footing, and father and son tumbled helplessly to the concrete driveway below. As they fell, family friend Annie Kendall, says, Brad curled his body around his son’s and took the brunt of the impact.

His friend, Beau Worthington, rushed to his aid, but the first thing this heroic father did was ask about the kids.

“Don’t let them see me like this,” he said. “Don’t let me die, mate.”

Little Oscar suffered some head injuries but has since been released from the hospital and is expected to recover. And miraculously 42-year-old Brad also survived, but the fall left him with severe injuries to his head, neck, and back.

brad in hospital

The father of two was recently released from the ICU and sent to a unit that specializes in head injuries. He has a long road ahead but the family is hopeful.

brad sitting with sons

That’s when the real hard part will really begin, his sister, Simone Lewis, wrote in a recent Facebook post.

While the family are still trying to come to terms with what happened, they are so incredibly grateful for the out-pouring of support from their family, friends and the wider community — many of you they don’t even know.

brad and suz

The family is adjusting to their new life. Brad’s wife Suz has taken time off work to care for Oscar, who remains glued to her side and sleeps surrounded by a pile of pillows to keep from falling off the bed and injuring himself further. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help support the family and has raised tens of thousands of dollars just in the last week.

This father is a superhero and proved that he is Australia’s bravest Dad. Share to thank Brad for his bravery and to wish him the best recovery possible!