IHOP Server’s Gift For Customer With Down Syndrome Has Big Sister Fighting Tears.

IHOP is most famous for its delicious pancakes (complete with that little ball of butter on top) and 24-hour service. But Abilene, Texas IHOP server, Millie Young, has given the chain a new claim to fame thanks to her act of kindness.

On August 21, 2018, Regina Thomason, her parents, and her brother, Dwayne Roach, went to IHOP after a doctor’s appointment.

Dwayne, who has Down Syndrome, is Regina’s oldest sibling at 50 years old. Dwayne lives at home with his retired parents and has developed various health conditions, including Alzheimer’s Disease. Regina helps Dwayne and her parents by taking him to some of his doctor’s appointments.


That day, the family sat down at the restaurant and Millie approached their table. Dwayne was immediately drawn to her name tag, because he “has a thing for badges and name tags.” Dwayne told Millie he liked her name tag and the waitress “started talking to [him] like they had known each other forever.” This struck Regina because when her brother tries to talk to people, they tend to “smile and nod” because they are uncomfortable.

Dwayne told Millie his name was “Captain America”, which is his favorite hero because of “his red, white, and blue uniform.” Millie took note of this and at the end of their meal brought Dwayne a surprise.


It was his very own name tag that read “Captain America.”

Dwayne, Regina, and their parents were blown away with Millie’s kind gesture. Millie, however, didn’t think it was a huge deal. “When people come in I want to make them smile,” she later said. “If they leave happy, then I am happy.”

It’s safe to say she accomplished her goal that day.

Love What Matters

Regina couldn’t get the moment out of her mind, and shared the story on her Facebook page the following day. She told her followers about their wonderful experience, and took a moment to thank Millie for her gesture.

Regina wasn’t the only one who was touched by the server’s kindness. The reactions, likes, and comments rolled in on the status update, all of which were overwhelmingly positive.


Regina said that Millie’s “thoughtfulness” meant so much to Dwayne but meant even more to her. She noted that Millie made Dwayne “feel special and important that day” and that she knows he will never forget it.

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