Kim Kardashian Sets Record Straight On Former Assistant Stephanie Shepard

Kim Kardashian clears things about former assistant Stephanie Shepard

Shepard joined Kim’s team in 2013

Kim Kardashian set the record straight after the media got confused at her wishing ex-assistant Stephanie Shepard a happy birthday.

Kim Kardashian does not care for misconceptions about her friendship with Stephanie Shepard. (Image source: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)

Stephanie came onto Kardashian’s team in 2013 before North West was born. In 2017, Shepard was promoted to COO of all Kardashian West brands, such as KKW Beauty and Kim’s fragrance line. During her time with the family, Shepard got particularly close to Kim’s sister Kourtney, and in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the two argued about Shepard’s unprofessional behavior as well. Soon after, Shepard left Kim’s team over mutual differences.

Shepard stopped working with Kardashian over mutual differences between the two friends. (Image source: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)

For a while, Shepard disappeared off of Kim and Kourtney’s social medias, but the two seem to have reconciled recently. Both sisters not only wished Shepard a happy birthday, they were also present along with Khloe at Shepard’s birthday bash, where they packed 500 lunches for a homeless shelter in Los Angeles.

Kardashian spent Shepard’s birthday with her, helping her pack lunches for the homeless. (Image source: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)

A news site covering Kim’s birthday wish for Shepard wrote the headline, “Kim Kardashian sends former nemesis Stephanie Shepard birthday wishes.” Replying to the article, Kardashian wrote, “Please stop with this fake narrative. She was NEVER my nemesis. We simply stopped working together but we have always remained super close friends.”

(Image source: Twitter/Kim Kardashian)

Since leaving Kardashian’s team, Shepard has been working as a model and a social activist.