Lingerie Sets Specially Made For Men Are Now A Thing

Many men have been wearing women’s lingerie for years, and that’s a well-known fact. Whether it is because they enjoy cross-dressing, they are part of the LGBTQ+ community, or maybe because they just like it, it is an undeniable fact.

One thing is for sure, though. It’s probably pretty tight down there.
Well, that was until a lingerie company launched several underwear sets and nightwear especially made for men, and their junk.
HommeMystere are offering lacy bras and matching knickers for the males that want to wear something “a little bit s*xier” underneath their clothes.
We are strong believers that everyone is free to do what they want, and we don’t judge here.


The company is based in Australia, and they sell bras that don’t come with a cup size, but just with some pads.
The prices are actually pretty decent” frilly g-string costs $10, and a babydoll costs $52.


Apparently, women have been huge fans of their products too. One wife left a review on their site, saying:

“My husband is trans – there is nothing like this in the UK and while it may seem odd to order from the other side of our planet, it has made such a difference!

“[He] is invigorated, happy, feminine and I love it too! Suffice to say that we shall continue to order from yourselves until there is a company in the UK that fully embraces and understands the concepts that you have apparently cornered the market in!”

Another one added:

“Congratulations for the sensitivity and the honest approach without the sniggers etc that usually go with this type of advertising. its gorgeous, soft, creamy and fits!! Stunning…”


The Tiffany sleepwear set was reviewed by one man, and he commented that the material feels very soft and sensuous to the touch, and it is very comfortable to wear.
The company has been established back in 2009, and their aim is to design ‘fun, comfortable, unique lingerie – for people with packages.’

The opinions from the people on the social media, however, have been mixed.

A woman wrote: “Oh…I think my guy and I will pass on this trend.”

Another man added: “Now we can go bra shopping together, yay.”