Marshawn Lynch’s embarrassing high school photo is getting roasted on Twitter

Most of us try to forget high school the moment we walk out those doors for the last time. The trends we enjoyed, the clothes we wore, and all the terrible mood swings are pieces of people left behind in those embarrassing school photos.

Marshawn Lynch, the Oakland Raiders running back often referred to as “Beast Mode” for his punishing runs, is seeing one of those old school photos crop up for the world, and mostly Twitter, to enjoy. “Please make high school Marshawn Lynch a meme,” wrote Sports Illustratedafter the photo appeared on Monday Night Football.

The old photo is being compared to Steve Urkel, an adult Cookie from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, and even a “reverse episode of queer eye.” One thing everyone can agree on: The old photo transforms the rugged running back into a preppy, glasses-wearing geek who we can all relate to.

Lynch, 32, graduated from Oakland Technical High School in 2004.

Lynch is likely much less excited about his old photo getting out, but on the bright side, he was more attractive as a high schooler than most of us will ever be. Small blessings, right?