Neuro-Balance Therapy Reviews – Shocking Results For Customers

Neuro-Balance Therapy is a DVD series that teaches a balance-strengthening routine designed to assist people in preparing and protecting their bodies from the harmful impacts of tripping and falling.

Do you occasionally get foot numbness? Do you become anxious about this, especially when using the stairs to go up and down? To our astonishment, Injury Facts [1] reports that about 43,000 people have died at home or work as a result of falling in 2020 alone. Numerous days of leave had to be requested by hundreds of thousands of people who suffered severe injuries. While a person’s home can be fall-proofed, this is often thought to be insufficient. Chris Wilson, a strength coach, believes that some falls, notably those that occur at home, are caused by a condition known as foot drop. The only way to modify this requires a set of simple exercises. Which ones is he talking about? This is where it is fitting to introduce Neuro-Balance Therapy.

What is Neuro-Balance Therapy?

Neuro-Balance Therapy is a DVD series that teaches a balance-strengthening routine designed to assist people in preparing and protecting their bodies from the harmful impacts of tripping and falling. The exercises in this series are intended to organically revive the body, ensuring enhanced strength, stability, and balance with each movement, explained the experts at Critical Bench Inc. Chris Wilson, a strength coach, and author, will lead everyone through a unique set of exercises that stimulate the peroneal nerve in our foot, which is thought to be the basis for the aforementioned advantages. Considering everything, let’s spend some more time studying the principles of Neuro-Balance Therapy before drilling down into its specifics.

What is there to learn from Neuro-Balance Therapy?

As previously mentioned, it is necessary to train the peroneal nerve to prevent tripping and/or falling. According to a Johns Hopkins Medicine article [2], this nerve originates from the sciatic nerve and is thought to be in charge of giving sensation to the tops of the feet, the sides, and the fronts of the legs. Additionally, it regulates the leg muscles involved in raising the ankle and toes. The fact that damage to just one nerve can result in weakness, tingling, discomfort, and even foot drop (i.e., difficulty lifting the front part of the foot, leading to tripping or being clumsy) astonished our editorial team.

The same article cited several knee ailments, such as a dislocation, fracture, and replacement surgery, as potential causes of peroneal nerve injury. Interestingly, neurologic disorders like ALS, MS, Parkinson’s disease, and ruptured lumbar discs can also lead to peroneal problems. Given everything that has been said up to this point, it should be obvious that the body is a complex network of interconnected components, making it easy for one mistake to have disastrous effects both physically and mentally.

Through Neuro-Balance Therapy, Chris Wilson hopes to educate users on

  • The common error made by trainers and therapists when creating balancing programs
  • The one foot-covering, which numbs the body and stops it from catching itself in mid-fall
  • The biggest health myth about falls and how they could have a negative influence on one’s health
  • The 10-second ritual that reactivates the peroneal nerve
  • The science behind each sequence demonstrated in this DVD series
  • Why stability and Bosu balls are ineffective as balance exercises
  • The effect of certain shoe types on the peroneal nerve
  • Why elderly males are more likely to fall than older women

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a balance training program?

Balance training programs are designed to develop the main muscles that contribute to stability and one’s capacity to stay upright. Typically, the core, legs, glutes, and back are the key body parts targeted by these workouts.

What are the benefits of balance training programs?

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As per one source [3], practically anyone who wants to enhance their physical performance, sense of balance, and overall health can engage in balancing training. This is especially beneficial for those who have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease, as well as those who experience back and joint pain.

Is Neuro-Balance Therapy suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers?

Although pregnant women can exercise, some exercises may not be the best choice. Therefore, before placing an order, we advise everyone to speak with a healthcare expert and the Critical Bench Inc. staff.

Is Neuro-Balance Therapy suitable for beginners?

Yes, all Neuro-Balance Therapy sequences have been tailored to meet people of all fitness levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Can Neuro-Balance Therapy be performed at home?

Yes, the sequences found inside Neuro-Balance Therapy can be performed at home, even while watching TV.

Is a gym membership necessary to speed up results with Neuro-Balance Therapy?

No, a gym membership is not necessary to speed up results with Neuro-Balance Therapy.

Are the sequences presented in Neuro-Balance Therapy time-consuming?

No, the sequences presented in the Neuro-Balance Therapy can be performed anywhere from seconds to a few minutes.

What are the purported benefits of Neuro-Balance Therapy?

The biggest advantage of using Neuro-Balance Therapy is that it can help people overcome their fear of falling. Due to the exercises’ ability to strengthen the feet and legs, stimulate the peroneal nerve, and gradually improve balance, the latter stress is lessened.

How long will it take to feel a positive difference with Neuro-Balance Therapy?

Individuals should feel a positive difference in as little as 14 days.

How long will it take for physical Neuro-Balance Therapy shipments to arrive?

On average, it could take anywhere between 3 and 10 business days for the physical version of Neuro-Balance Therapy to arrive.

What if Neuro-Balance Therapy doesn’t work as promised?

Thanks to the included 60-day money-back guarantee, individuals can contact customer support to request a full refund of their purchase price if they believe Neuro-Balance Therapy falls short of expectations. To learn more about the refund policy, consider the following points of contact:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1 (727) 351 3065
  • Mailing Address: Neuro-Balance Therapy, 15373 Roosevelt Blvd, Suite 203, Clearwater, FL 33760

What does each Neuro-Balance Therapy purchase include?

With each purchase of Neuro-Balance Therapy, individuals can anticipate receiving:

Spike Ball

Each spike ball has a predetermined number of spikes that are designed to gently alleviate tension while also stimulating the peroneal nerve. Although this is likely to be available in any store, Chris claims to have created this ball with unrivaled quality. On the exterior, it may resemble a rubber ball, but within, it is made of crystallized particles that are strong, calming, and hard enough to activate the dormant nerve in the foot.

Bonus #1. Top 20 Tips to Fall-Proof Your Home

The first bonus guide’s title tells right away its goal: taking precautions to reduce the chance of falling. In particular, a checklist with the top 20 suggestions for making one’s house secure and safe has been incorporated. While Chris cautions everyone about the unorthodox nature of his suggestions, he claims that many of his clients like the checklist because it has since helped them grasp what they can do. It is also particularly comforting for the elderly, who frequently worry about aging-related physical disadvantages.

Bonus #2. Downloadable Version of Neuro-Balance Therapy Program

Since the pandemic, delivery delays have been reported by numerous businesses. As a result, the team at Critical Bench Inc. decided to make the program simple to download so that everyone can try out Neuro-Balance Therapy right away. People will therefore have immediate access to the complete program, from the coaching video series to a manual that contains additional details on the peroneal nerve and the mind-body connection. Additionally, the manual will break down each sequence using in-depth descriptions and outstanding illustrations.

How much does Neuro-Balance Therapy cost?

The cost is determined by how many copies each person wants to buy. Here are the most recent prices, which are only valid for a limited time (before applicable shipping and handling fees):

  • Physical DVD with 1 Spike Ball + Digital Version + Free Bonuses: $47.00 each
  • 2 Physical DVDs with 2 Spike Balls + Digital Version + Free Bonuses: $38.50 each

Meet Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is an author and strength coach for Critical Bench Inc. Since 1998, he has worked in the field of health and fitness. After beginning his career at the front desk of numerous gyms and health clubs, he went on to train hundreds of clients as a personal trainer and licensed balance specialist. He also has experience managing a variety of fitness facilities. In a recent presentation, the expert recounted his story of why he created Neuro-Balance Therapy, and it appears to begin with one of his clients.

He found MaryAnne to be the most challenging client because she was prone to falling. As terrifying as her near-tragic mishap of tumbling down the stairs and lying unconscious for two hours was, Chris was able to figure out exactly what she needed to protect herself from severe discomfort, depression, medication, and other setbacks. MaryAnne’s case brought to memory his love of balance and the 10-second ritual that changed the lives of hundreds of others in addition to MaryAnne.

The founder of Critical Bench Inc., Mike, thinks that the following should be the main lesson learned regarding his company:

“As many of you know, the Internet, the gym, and the media are full of deceptive and confusing advertising when it comes to muscle building, fat loss, and fitness workouts. Here is, either myself or someone from our team has personally reviewed the fitness workouts listed on this page.”

Concluding Remarks

After reading about Neuro-Balance Therapy, our editorial team has a deeper respect for balance-strength training, a form of an exercise program that works on strengthening the key muscles that keep us all upright. This program is intriguing because Chris designed it to focus on a vital nerve that originates from the sciatic nerve and runs down the front and sides of the legs, as well as to the feet. Apart from Chris’ in-depth understanding of human anatomy and his background as a personal trainer and balance specialist, we were generally happy with the program’s overall design.

Each purchase includes not just the follow-along coaching DVD series, but also educational information about our nerves and establishing a mind-body connection. How can anyone fail to notice the exact and clear descriptions that are considered simple to follow? To wrap things up, Chris and his team are also offering a money-back guarantee, permitting users to give the program a try without worrying about their finances. Chris and his team are also providing a money-back guarantee, allowing consumers to try the program without worrying about their finances. For more information about Neuro-Balance Therapy, visit here! >>>

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