One Guy Explains Why Kids From Abusive Parents Analyze Every Single Detail, And It’s Devastating To Read

Families are one of the guiding factors that shape our personalities while we’re growing up, and it’s a well-known fact. It is often the case that parents raise their children to the best of their abilities, but naturally, these abilities may vary.

Dawson, an LA-based genderqueer writer shared a story recently about how growing up with mentally unstable parents can shape up your personality and even make you a person that overanalyzes everything.

He says:

“I’ve been writing since I was old enough to spell, it is at the core of who I am as a person. I always joke that I write my tangled experiences and feelings into straight lines…which is why I write so much about my personal experiences. It’s self-reflection and catharsis and storytelling and poetry and sharing. The sharing is important to me. Sometimes people write to tell me how much something I wrote impacted them or clarified something for them and that’s one of my biggest goals in my writing.”

He wants people to know that they are not alone, and sometimes all you have to do is just survive, stand up and say “I survived. You can too”.

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Dawson’s text touched the hearts of many: