Parents Told To Dress Their Daughter “More Girly” By Daycare! Here’s How They Responded

Parents have a million things to worry about when dropping their children at daycare. For example their diapers, or a change of clothes, or formula. However, whether or not their child is wearing gender-specific clothing should definitely not be one of the worries. Well, some Danish daycare teachers think otherwise.

Steve Rold is the guy who recently turned out to Reddit to share the experience that caught him and his wife Jessica completely off-guard.

“A few of the older teachers at the daycare made suggestions to my wife that we should think about dressing our girl in more dresses. Or putting bows in her hair so that the other kids would know that she was a girl.” – he says.

He adds that they never bothered to find out the genders of their children ahead of time, and most of what their daughter wears are hand-me-down clothes they bought before they knew their son was even going to be a boy.

Jessica, the mother has since decided to troll the teachers in response, and it’s pure gold! The couple says that they did not feel disrespected, however, and they clarified that if someone calls their daughter is fine, because how should they know?
Check out Jessica’s response below, and feel free to tell you what you think in the comments!

This is how the parents responded:

Other parents shared their similar experiences, and someone explained why “color marketing” is absolutely ridiculous.

The parents were overwhelmed by the numerous positive responses they received: