Admittedly, it was a smart business move. While the owner, Carlos Chavez, told LA Taco that “usually we never set up somewhere we’re not supposed to,” these clearly weren’t ordinary circumstances.

The truck was actually on its way to the Los Angeles International Airport where, for 10 years, Chavez has been permitted to sell to airport employees inside terminal security. But given that traffic was slow and people were hungry — he did what he had to do, providing breakfast to hungry drivers.

“We mostly sold breakfast burritos,” Chavez told LA Taco.

Unfortunately, the accident involved a fiery crash between a tanker truck and an SUV, and it was fatal to the two drivers. But while the circumstances causing Friday’s traffic were sad, it’s nice to see that the delays resulted in something other than car horns and road rage. Instead, people were able to come together and share a meal.