Pink Halts Concert To Give Teen Who Lost Her Mom A “Hug From Heaven.”

You never know exactly what to expect at a Pink concert.

At times she may move you to tears with a powerful ballad, at others she might fly from the rafters with a thrilling acrobatic display. Other times, she’ll display such kindness and empathy that it will take your breath away.

During a concert in Brisbane, Australia, Pink was on stage doing her thing when she noticed a very special sign being held by a young fan near the front row. All of the concert-goers around the girl were waving at Pink to get her attention, gesturing at the girl’s sign.


The sign was held by 14-year-old Leah Murphy of Queensland, Australia. Leah and her mother, Debbie, had purchased the tickets to see their favorite singer several months before the big night, but sadly Debbie passed away before she had a chance to see Pink perform. Knowing how much Leah and Debbie had bonded over Pink’s music, Leah’s aunt Katrina Donkin stepped up to bring the teen to the concert.

Pink stops concert to comfort grieving fan

Kristina said that as soon as the people around them saw Leah’s sign, it became a group effort to get the teen noticed.

“I had strangers in the crowd grab them off us as well and start waving them,” Kristina stated. “It was just enough for Pink to say, ‘what is that?’ She couldn’t read it, but someone handed her a little brochure about Leah and she read it out.”

“Is that you?” Pink asked Leah from the stage. When Leah nodded, Pink immediately started making her way off stage to where the girl stood.


“I just whispered in her ear, ‘you’re going to get your hug, sweetheart. We’re going to get you the hug’,” Katrina told Leah as Pink approached.

When Pink reached Leah, she didn’t hesitate to take the petite teenager in her arms and hold her for several seconds. This sudden act of kindness from such a superstar was enough to tip Leah’s emotions over the edge, and the grieving girl just sobbed into Pink’s arms.


“I was crying a lot and Pink said, ‘Oh don’t cry, you look so pretty. Everything’s going to be okay.’ She was really nice. She’s really sweet,” Leah said.


“Pink was just so genuine, she said, ‘Hey, don’t cry, everything’s going to be okay,’” Katrina continued. “Pink took a selfie with her, signed her arm in marker, and then hopped back on the stage and said, ‘Everyone, call your mom.’”


Katrina says that this moment has done a lot to help Leah and her family through their grief.

“I haven’t seen her smile so much since,” she exclaimed. “Her dad said he woke up feeling happy today, happier than he has been in a long time. I just really feel it was a hug from heaven. I do feel her mum orchestrated the whole thing.”


She’s just a huge, huge fan of Pink, and so was her mum, so it was just amazing she took the time to give her a hug. She relates to the music, I think she’s grieving through the lyrics and it’s helping her process it.

There’s no denying that music has the power to heal. When the music is in the hands of someone who cares about her fans as deeply as Pink does, it’s sure to help even more.

Watch the moment Pink reaches her grieving fan below and be sure to share this story to send love to Leah as she manages her grief going forward.

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Posted by Donkin Katrina on Tuesday, August 21, 2018