20 Strange Coincidences That Are Enough To Make People Believe In A Higher Power

Timing is everything life. If you blink you might miss something extraordinary. For those lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, however, the results can be mind-bogglingly awesome.

In the 20 cases of coincidence below, the odds of their occurrence were so rare and improbable that they can only be explained as the work of a higher power. Without a doubt, these events were truly once in a lifetime.

1. This newscaster and his team probably had a good laugh over his untimely resemblance to a wanted man. But think about it: two men with the most stylish mustache-hairstyle combo of all time? It’s way too good to be true.

2. Selfies are so last year: growing the one patch of off-color hair on your body into a perfect self-portrait is all the rage these days. Now, what if that patch grew another horse-shaped patch on top of it? Horseception, that’s what.

3. If there’s any truth behind the rumors, then this is 100% how the new lightning bolt-shaped Lucky Charms are going to be made.

4. Slipping hidden messages into writing is a great way to get readers to believe something without saying it outright. Unfortunately, it looks like the editor of this newspaper missed out on that company meeting.

5. It’s official: cats have finally developed advanced stealth technology. It’s only a matter of time before they displace humans as the most dominant lifeforms on Earth.

6. While she obviously isn’t a reader of the morning Metro, this woman is definitely is a risk-taker. Biting your nails is one thing but on the subway? That’s a dangerous game.

7. The bird that left this self-portrait on a car is clearly going to be the next big thing in the bird-art world. It’s no surprise, then, that the value of this car appreciated by two worms and a handful of seeds after Birdcasso was done with it.

8. When the actual Taylor Swift saw the perfect alignment of these two trucks, she immediately started dating both truck drivers. Two weeks later, though, the truckers broke things off, and Taylor Swift released a 48-song album the next day.

9. As it turns out, the dog was the one who hung the sign up in the first place; after all this time, he had been searching for himself. That’s deep, man.

10. What are the odds that six women would wear the same exact dress to the same exact wedding? All smiles aside, that bride definitely wasn’t happy about being upstaged on her big day…

11. The world needs a hero it can rely on, and this bird makes a strong case for that title. Without hesitation, this feathered Superman swooped into the frame just in time to cover the speeding car’s license plate, saving its driver a hefty fine before disappearing off into the night.

12. Once in a millennium, when the planets are perfectly aligned, a pimple sprouts up that actually makes someone’s day. This mountain tattoo is clearly enhanced by that beautiful pimple sunrise.

13. If a broken clock is right twice a day, then a random street sign pointing to the moon can be right at least once in a while, can’t it? Although, a sign pointing straight up probably would’ve been a better investment.

14. This bird was absolutely not about to be outshined by the Lirype on the previous page. In her defense, the drawings in that book didn’t do justice to her natural good looks.

15. Plot twist: Mr. English is actually the foreign language teacher in a school in Japan, so the foreign language he’s teaching is…English. Boom. Mind blown.

16. When Greek gods send love letters, they do it the only way they know how: with lightning bolts. Good luck trying to send a reply, though…

17. One double yolk is a rare find by itself, but two double yolks back to back? Someone better find that chicken before it starts laying golden eggs!

18. Not sure if this is a photo of two perfectly paired license plates or a text conversation from Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

19. First horseception, now appleception? What’s next: human bodies growing even smaller versions of humans? Oh, wait…

20. Apparently, the driver of this McDonald’s truck isn’t lovin’ it so much. Take a closer look at the license plate: could a defection to the finger-lickin’ good side of life be on the horizon?

Coincidence may have a lot to do with perfect timing, but some of these photos are truly unexplainable.

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