Apparent ‘Pipe Bombs’ Mailed To Clinton, Obama And CNN

Apparent 'Pipe Bombs' Mailed To Clinton, Obama And CNN

At least seven suspicious packages containing what the FBI called potentially destructive devices have been sent since Monday to several leading Democratic Party figures and to CNN in New York, triggering a massive investigation. Authorities have yet to release any information about a possible suspect or suspects but, in an interview on CNN, New York … Read more

‘Sex and the City’ Cynthia Nixon Could Be New York’s Next Governor

'Sex and the City' Cynthia Nixon Could Be New York's Next Governor

Cynthia Nixon has enjoyed plenty of support from her friends while campaigning to become the next governor of New York! On Thursday, New Yorkers will head to the polls to cast their vote in the state’s primary elections, as Nixon challenges incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has served two terms, for the Democratic nomination. Nixon, 52 — … Read more