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Heartbreaking Story Of ‘Man In The Hole’ Living Alone In The Amazon Rainforest For Over 20 Years

It’s nearly impossible for us to imagine being disconnected from society. With the push of a button, we can interact with people on the opposite side of the globe. Yet remarkably, there are still a number of individuals who remain disconnected from the outside world. Recently, new images have emerged of an individual who has been living in the heart of the Amazon rainforest completely alone. Amazing as this may seem, the story of how he came to be alone in the vast jungle is truly heartbreaking… The Amazon rainforest covers a staggering 2,100,000 miles and is home to millions of unique plant, insect, and animal species. But birds and flowers aren’t the only creatures that dwell in this jungle.   According to the Brazilian agency for native tribes known as FUNAI, the Amazon is ho...