This Couple Met In 1947 And Finally Got Married 70 Years Later

Their love story is so adorable!

Janice and Jim Catlin recently celebrated their wedding day — a whopping 70 years after they first met as children on a school bus in 1947. Janice, 86, and Jim, 88, lost touch over the years but recently reconnected and fell in love. Their families and friends were there to witness their big day at the Portage County Courthouse in Stevens Point, Wisconsin on Aug. 23, and the newlyweds say they feel like they were meant to be.

“I found out not too long ago that we have lived in the same house and all these things were coincidental. I knew him right away when I first saw him,” Janice Catlin told WSAW.

When the two discovered they lived near each other, they began to date, and after nearly a year of seeing each other on a daily basis, they knew they wanted to get married. Finding their happily ever after at their age has made the couple feel young again.

“I feel 21!” Jim said moments before kissing his bride.

Watch the adorable newlyweds talk about their love in the clip below from CBS Philly:

How sweet! These two just go to show that you’re never too old to find the love of your life. To celebrate their union, the couple enjoyed a pizza dinner with their friends and family. They said they’re keeping their honeymoon destination a secret.

The Catlins are not the only ones to tie the knot later in life. Last year, Cleveland “Murphy” Wilson, 70, and Lucinda Myers, 67, took some super-cute engagement pictures that went viral, with people everywhere touched by their beautiful relationship. Here they are looking absolutely thrilled to begin their next chapter together:


How inspiring! If you haven’t yet found your match, these duos prove that no matter your age, time is still on your side. We’re wishing these happy couples all the best!