This New Medallion Lets You Test The Safety Of Your Drink

Ladies, would you feel safer with one of these?

Everyone needs a night out once in a while to help alleviate stress and boost their mood, but a night of sipping cocktails with friends can, unfortunately, also be dangerous. No, we’re not talking about a massive hangover and the “worst headache ever.”

In the United States, a person is sexually assaulted every 98 seconds and seven out of 10 rapes are committed by someone known to the victim. When in a social setting, it’s all too easy for someone — including someone you trust — to slip something into your drink if you leave it unattended. That quick trip to the bathroom to touch up your makeup can have life-altering consequences if you’re not being extra cautious.

This New Medallion Lets You Test The Safety Of Your Drink

Thankfully, from coasters and napkins to nail polish and, now, a small, portable, gender-neutral medallion, there is a wide variety of discreet products to choose from that will let you know if someone has tampered with your drink.

The new medallion is from Undercover Colors, the same company that brought us this unique nail polish last year. While the nail polish required you to have your nails painted so you could dip your painted fingernail into a drink to see if it changed color, the medallion is just 1 inch in diameter and can easily be carried in pockets, wallets and purses. It also works with more than 100 types of liquids, including both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

To use the medallion, you simply pull back a foil cover that reveals a small test window. You then use your finger to put a drop of your beverage over the area. While processing time varies based on what you’re drinking, results are visible in as little as 30 seconds, with final results displaying in an average of 60 seconds. Similar to how a pregnancy test works, two pink lines mean the beverage is safe, while one pink line means a drug has been detected.

“Drugging someone’s drink without their knowledge is a crime. But that doesn’t stop it from happening at colleges, bars, nightclubs, and hotels around the world,” Barbara Cook, CEO of Undercover Colors, said in a press release. “While we know the UC test doesn’t solve the issue of sexual assault, we feel strongly that our science is a tool that can be used to promote safety. We’re responding to the real challenges of today by empowering people with information while pushing for a future where these types of crimes don’t happen.”

You can purchase the new Undercover Colors medallion starter kit online for $34.99. The kit includes five single-use tests and four free carriers — two key fobs and two adhesive holders. The carriers attach to key rings, smartphones and more. A refill pack of 10 single-use tests can also be purchased for $49.99.

This New Medallion Lets You Test The Safety Of Your Drink
Undercover Colors

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