Toasted Coconut Hair Is The Newest Fall Hair Trend

Would you rock this look?

With fall officially underway, you may be looking for ways to embrace the fall season besides living in comfy sweaters and sipping pumpkin spice lattes.

And if that’s the case, you’re going to love the latest fall hair trend because it allows you to welcome fall without totally having to revamp your look.

Hair trends are fun and all, but sometimes it’s not practical to dye your hair like a multi-colored rainbow. That’s why when trends like toasted coconut hair come along, they gain popularity quickly. Because seriously — who could say no to these perfectly blonde, perfectly brown locks?

Toasted Coconut Hair Is The Newest Fall Hair Trend
Getty Images | Daniel Berehulak

It’s a “rule” that you dye your hair darker for the fall and winter months and go lighter in the spring and summer, but toasted coconut lets you enjoy the best of both. Brown roots subtly fade to lighter blonde tips for something new and modern, or as Allure put it — “a 2018 take on ombré hair.”

And if you’re a little indecisive when it comes to your hair color, this could be a great compromise, as hair stylist Michelle Gonzalez points out:

“Girls sit in my chair at the end of the summer and are conflicted if they want to be cool or warm toned, and this technique gives you both,” she told Elite Daily. “The warm brown at the root melts perfectly into the cool blonde on the ends.”

Toasted Coconut Hair Is The Newest Fall Hair Trend

One look at this beautiful coloring and you’ll be in love. Because seriously — if the name “toasted coconut” wasn’t cute enough to convince you to try this trend, these photos will be.

Instagram user @joboyerhair shows how this color can incorporate light blonde shades without being “too light” for the season:

The style is a mix of cool and warm tones, which is what makes the look work so well, as Instagram user @wellaeducation points out:

It works on hair of all lengths, too. Just look how great it is with short to mid-length hair via Instagram user @friseursaloncolorful:


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If your hair’s more auburn than brown, you can still pull off this trend, as the Instagram account @hannahbhair_ so expertly demonstrates:

Ami Rexroth told Allure that this look is especially good for those who already have brown hair because of how “low maintenance” the look is.

There’s no need for root touch-ups because the darker color stems from the top of the head!

So, brunettes — and really anyone, for that matter — are you ready to “toast” your hair just in time for fall?

Then be sure to give the toasted coconut hair trend a try!