Memes mock Trump for tweeting the anonymous op-ed could be ‘TREASON?’

President Donald Trump initially wrote just one word in response to the member of his administration who wrote an anonymous op-ed for the New York Times on Wednesday. And he didn’t even seem sure that it was the right word.

That word is “TREASON,” which Trump punctuated in his tweet with a question mark.


The Times op-ed, written by a Republican official, lauds efforts of the administration to move conservative policy forward while blasting Trump as a “reckless” leader.

But despite Trump’s gut reaction, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) quickly pointed out that the piece does not actually qualify as treason under the Constitution’s definition.

Vox confirmed this with an in-depth explainer. Basically, to be treasonous, the op-ed author would have had to levy war against the U.S. or provide help to a foreign entity already at war with the U.S., neither of which were accomplished by the essay.

Twitter, meanwhile, has already appropriated “TREASON?” for various meme purposes.

Trump followed up his “TREASON?” tweet with another questioning whether the op-ed author was really just a “phony source.” If not, he demanded, the author must come forward “for National Security purposes.”