Trump Pardons National Thanksgiving Turkey Peas And Carrots

President Donald Trump attended the annual pardoning of the National Thanksgiving Turkey on Nov. 20, 2018, alongside First Lady Melania Trump. Two turkeys were up for pardoning, Peas and Carrots, and a poll was released on social media where the public could decide which turkey would be granted freedom. Peas won the pardon and is now the National Thanksgiving Turkey. Peas and

Peas won the pardon and is now considered the National Thanksgiving Turkey.

Both Peas and Carrots were raised by Ruben Waldner from the Riverside Hutterite Colony, north of Huron, South Dakota. The turkeys hatched on June 28, 2018, and are approximately five months old.

The turkeys are given special attention and are raised in a separate environment as they are part of the “Presidential Flock.”

The White House released a statement regarding Peas’ and Carrots’ upbringing.

“The flock is prepared for potential stardom at the White House from an early age, with the birds becoming acclimated to the sounds of a crowd, bright camera lights, and having to stand comfortably on a table during the presentation. The turkeys will also prepare for their visit by interacting with children and families on stops around the Huron community. Upon arrival in Washington, Peas and Carrots got some rest at The Willard Hotel, adjacent to the White House grounds, ahead of the pardoning ceremony.”

You may watch the full video of the National Thanksgiving Turkey pardon in the video player below.

Barron Trump came out with his parents when they began the official ceremony. Barron isn’t often seen when the President makes announcements, but it appears he does attend family-related public gatherings and events.

It should be noted that even though the President pardons the turkeys, many animal-rights activists condemn the practice.

The first Presidential National Thanksgiving Turkey pardon took place in 1947, making today’s celebration the 71st annual event.

The tradition of delivering turkeys and other livestock to the White House at Thanksgiving dates back to the 1870s. Many of the gifts were delivered for promotional purposes to help struggling industries get recognition.

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