Truth About Pete Davidson And Kaia Gerber’s Whirlwind Romance And Breakup

Two photos, side by side, Pete Davidson on the left, Kaia Gerber on the right

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Pete Davidson dated Kaia Gerber for only a few short months last winter, but it was enough time for every tabloid out there to let their imaginations run wild about their relationship. Here are some of the most salacious rumor Gossip Cop busted about the former couple’ whirlwind romance.

In autumn of 2019, rumors were flying around the tabloid world that Davidson and Gerber might be dating, though at the time it was clear they were just friends. Recent sightings of the pair around New York City had prompted Woman’s Day to publish a story alleging that Gerber’s mother Cindy Crawford was upset over her daughter’s closeness with Davidson. An unnamed “insider” told that outlet that Crawford was “well aware of Pete’s terrible rep for burning through women, so of course, she’s worried sick.” Gossip Cop reached out to a spokesperson for Crawford to clear up the situation, who told us the article’s story was “not true.” Again, at the time there wasn’t even any evidence that they were dating.

Later in the month, after it was confirmed the two were in a relationship, Life & Style wrote a piece about how Gerber’s friends worried that she was moving too fast with Davidson. “Her friends are scared they may elope,” another suspicious “insider” told the tabloid. “They’re practically shacking up already and they’ve been dating for less than three months.” To be clear, they had only been dating a couple of weeks at that point. Gossip Cop was told by a spokesperson for Gerber speaking on the record that she and the SNL star weren’t planning to elope, nor were her friends worried for her.  As usual, the tabloid was just manufacturing drama.

In January, Star upped the ante, insisting that now only were Gerber and Davidson eloping, but that Gerber’s parents, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, were worried she was going to get pregnant. Rande Gerber, the tabloid said was “scrambling to protect the vast fortune” of Kaia’s inheritance as Davidson was refusing to sign a prenup. Gerber’s parents were now considering bringing in their friend George Clooney in an attempt to get the model to reconsider marrying Davidson. The story was just over-the-top and totally ridiculous. A spokesperson for both Kaia Gerber and Crawford assured Gossip Cop that the story was “all fiction.”

Gerber and Davidson’s relationship ended later that month, effectively disproving all those stories we’ve already talked about but providing tabloids with a whole new set of rumors to invent. In February, shortly after Davidson got out of a stint in rehab, Gossip Cop debunked a story from In Touch claiming that Davidson was trying to win Gerber back. Davidson “wants a second chance,” said another supposed insider. “He even wants to marry her and will probably propose!” The story was obviously not true: earlier that week, Davidson stated in an interview that it wasn’t “the right place or the right time” for a relationship between him and Gerber, which doesn’t suggest he was trying to jump back into a relationship with her.

In that same interview, Davidson also opened up about some of his mental health struggles. “My rock bottom is when people are scared of my life and I have to go away,” he said. “So I think I’ve hit it a few times.” He added that Gerber’s parents had been supportive of his going to rehab: “her parents were really helpful and stuff, so they’re cool,” he said. It’s clear that Davidson and Gerber’s relationship and her parents’ feelings about it were nothing like the nonsense the tabloids were writing.

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