Ways To Take Great Photos With Your Dog

Your dog is the most beautiful dog in the world, and you want to show them off, right? It might be time to learn some ways to take great photos with your dog. After all, we want to make sure that we capture them looking their best before showing them to the rest of the world.

Use a sport or action setting

Just because we know how to keep still doesn’t mean that our pet will follow along. Using a sport or action setting is a great way to make sure that you capture your dog without ending up with a blurry mess. Using this feature should hopefully give you more options when it comes to posing with your dog.

Use burst mode

If you don’t have a sport setting or you want to try something a little different, then why not think about using a burst mode instead? This will take a selection of photos at once and should hopefully reduce any blur. All you need to do is look back at the pictures and choose the best from the bunch.

Keep the background clear

You don’t have to stand in front of a plain wall to make your photo pop, but making sure that your background is clear will help to ensure that you and your pet are the center of attention in the picture. Be sure to take a quick look around before snapping away.

Shoot in natural light

Good lighting is often the key to any good photo. Natural light is usually the best as it lets shadows fall naturally around the frame and provides the perfect setting for your photo. This can be compromised with the flash on your camera. Plus, the flash could be enough to strain your dog’s eyes. Head into a well-lit room or outside to make sure you get the best lighting.

Follow your dog’s lead

Unless you have a highly trained dog, then the chances are that you won’t be able to get your dog to follow your lead with poses. However, if you see that your dog is doing something and copy along, then it’s more likely to look as though you are in sync with each other.

Get creative with props

Props can be a simple and great way to add something special to your photos with your dog. This could be something simple like adding some peanut butter to your finger or face to make it look as though your dog is giving you kisses. It could also be putting a treat on your phone to get them to look in the right direction, or choosing their favorite toy to include in your photoshoot.

Most of us love our pets more than anything in the world. Why not learn some ways to take great photos with your dog so you can show them to the rest of the world? Not only can you boast about your pet, but you can also brag about your photography skills, too.

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