Whatever Happened To Keanu Reeves ‘Dating’ Halle Berry?

In November of last year, Keanu Reeves made his first public appearance with his girlfriend Alexandra Grant, but various outlets have reported they’ve been dating for months longer than that. Not long before the news of Reeves’ new relationship broke, however, one popular tabloid theory was that Reeves was developing a relationship with Halle Berry. Here are a few of the phony reports that Gossip Cop busted about Reeves and his John Wick: Chapter 3 co-star.

Life & Style and In Touch were first out of the gate with nearly-identical bogus reports in May 2018 that Berry and Reeves were dating. The articles came just a week after it was announced that Berry had been cast in the third John Wick movie, with shady sources telling the tabloids that Berry and Reeves caught feelings “as soon as they started to get to know each other,” but that they were keeping things “on the down-low” for now, which was why no reputable outlet had reported on it. Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to Berry, who told us that the story was false. Since the news broke that Berry had been cast, she had actually only spent one day on set at the time. There was quite clearly no relationship.

Just a week later, Woman’s Day came out with its own claim, alleging that Reeves had become “a changed man” since dating Berry. “Keanu can be quite morose,” said one questionable insider, “but Halle has definitely made him feel good about himself again.” The story was obviously based on the “Sad Keanu” meme that originated with a 2010 paparazzi photo of the actor looking kind of sad while sitting on a bench eating a sandwich. Of course, as Gossip Cop had already stated, Reeves and Berry weren’t dating. Furthermore, Reeves had laughed off the meme, calling it “harmless, good clean fun.” It doesn’t seem like one out-of-context paparazzi photo was all that indicative of his mood.

The tabloid went quiet for a while on the Berry/Reeves rumor until January of last year, when OK! dredged it back up to claim once again that the actors were developing a romance. According to a rather dubious tipster, Berry and Reeves had had a mutual attraction but had waited until they had wrapped filming to take things “to the next level.” Gossip Cop‘s own source, on the other hand, told us that the co-stars’ relationship was just professional. As the first trailer for John Wick 3 had only just dropped, it was fairly obvious that the tabloid was just trying to capitalize on the hype surrounding the movie.

A few days after that, the National Enquirer decided to cash in on the John Wick hype by releasing a report that Daniel Craig and his wife Rachel Weisz were trying to set up Berry and Reeves. The tabloid contended that Berry’s alleged “dreams of dating Reeves “came true when their mutual pal Daniel Craig introduced them a couple of years ago.” There was no clear reason why Craig and Weisz would be so invested in getting Berry and Reeves together, except that Craig and Berry had previously worked together, as had Weisz and Reeves. That’s basically it. Gossip Cop checked in with Craig’s spokesperson, who assured us there was “no truth” to these claims.

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