Mom Catches Tiny Pig & Baby Emus Playing Cutest Game of Tag.

Mom Catches Tiny Pig & Baby Emus Playing Cutest Game of Tag

Every once in a while, you run across a ridiculously hilarious video that makes you realize all’s right with the world. And this is one of them.

Baby pigs are cute all on their own. So are baby emus. Put the two together and start filming, and you’ve got a clip that’s sent tens of thousands into giggle fits.


Goatopia Sanctuary in Temple, Texas, posted the video of the adorable pair and it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. This little piglet running away from a couple pint-sized emus who’s hot on his heels, well, hooves, is too adorable for words!

Vroooom vroooom!


But just listening to the pitter-patter of their feet as they race around the kitchen and adjoining rooms… it’s really just too much.

Piggy careens around a corner and disappears from view, but the emus are hot on his tail and closing in fast!


But this is all fun and games, and piggy needs as many breaks as he can get to keep from getting tagged. Or tackled. The emus are so focused on the chase, they haven’t given much thought to what they’ll actually do with him if they catch him.

Okay, so let’s tune back in. And… wait. Have the tables turned? Has the pursuer become the pursued? Too bad emus can’t walk backward or this game would be over.


Oh no! Piggy’s giving ’em the slip!


“I have watched this video untold number of times, and every single time, I just sit here laughing. God, this is funny,” one woman noted.

Which is true, but then, so is an observation from another viewer who just comes out and says what we’re all thinking: “This is (possibly) the weirdest combination of pets in a house that I’ve ever seen.”

Enjoy the fun and games while you can, kids! Watch the cutest game of tag you’ve ever seen in the clip below, and share to spread more laughs!