Rottweiler Meets Massive “Dog” & Their Newfound Friendship Is Beyond Adorable.

Street Theater Brings Puppet Dog To Life & Introduces Him To Rottie

Everybody loves festivals, but the crowds really come out whenever Royal de Luxe comes to town!

This street theater company is based in France but showcases their unique talents around the world. Seeing them parade through city streets, parks, and waterways is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Over the course of several days, the entertainers tell stories using larger-than-life marionettes, some of them more than 40 feet tall, like the scuba diver pictured below.


Of course, humans aren’t the only ones who come out to watch the festivities. During a recent performance in the Netherlands, a four-legged fan watched from behind a rope as a potential playmate made his way down the street, his movements expertly coordinated by a whole crew of puppeteers!


Suddenly, the caravan stops.

Xolo, the massive puppet, timidly approaches, his tail wagging happily. The rottweiler must take that as a good sign because he boldly steps out from behind the rope and stands directly in Xolo’s path. You’d think his hair would be standing on end and he’d be baring a mean set of teeth, but nope, he’s just curious.

After all, every stranger presents the opportunity for a new friend!


This rottie’s probably used to being the biggest kid on the block, so he’s definitely not used to being challenged. But all it takes is just a good sniff, and he discovers one truth: I guess you’re alright!


If he could just circle around somehow and sniff this guy’s behind, he’d know for sure. And he’s not normally shy about stuff like that, but you never know.

He’ll just have to take Xolo at face value. How cute are these two playmates?!


See? Not everything new is a cause for concern. Watch this pup go from cautious to curious to fully at ease in the video below and remember to share to spread some joy!