JCPenney announces new brand for Instagram influencer moms

You’ve probably seen mom “influencers” on Instagram—they regularly post photos of their stylish, almost-too-perfect families on the app. Now JCPenney is targeting these women with a new brand, Peyton and Parker.

Gearing up for the holiday season, JCPenney is looking to pull in a new demographic. “We were inspired to create a line that made it easy for mom to dress her family and decorate her home, creating a picture-perfect moment for all of her social media channels,” said Val Harris, senior vice president of product development and design for JCPenney, in an Oct. 2 press release.

It may seem ridiculous to create products specifically for the purpose of looking good online, but according to Harris, they are filling “a void in our assortment for a family lifestyle brand.” The introductory collection for the brand is focused on the upcoming holidays, and the company hopes to snag in some new customers who have traditionally shopped elsewhere.

The clothes look like pretty standard department store holiday pieces: dark flannels, white sweaters, and shimmery blouses abound. The decor, however, has a distinctly “quirky” faux-DIY feel. From tiny glittery trees to plaid appetizer plates, from mass-produced wood art to a $22 glittering gold garland that just says “Cheer,” it is exactly the kind of art you would expect to see in an upper-middle-class dining room in December.

“Every family has a story to tell through photos,” said Harris, “and we created Peyton and Parker to give mom a fresh style perspective when sharing her family’s lives on social media via fashionable squares.”

JCPenney will be working with a group of “savvy mom influencers” to unveil the new brand on Instagram in a “natural, organic way,” according to the company.