Katie Holmes Regretting Her Divorce After Running Out Of Cash?

Katie Holmes on the cover of In Touch magazine.

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One magazine is reporting that Katie Holmes is in such financial trouble due to the global pandemic, she’s looking back at her split from ex-husband Tom Cruise with regret. The article makes a few troubling assertions about the actress and decisions, so Gossip Cop investigated the claims. Here’s what we found.

In its latest issue, In Touch asks the incomplete question “Katie’s HUMILIATING GIG?” on its cover. According to an unnamed source, Holmes is in near-financial ruin and desperate for cash. The story begins by recapping her divorce from Tom Cruise and how she walked away with nothing but custody of Suri and $400,000 a year in child support.

“Katie was proud of walking away from Tom without securing a hefty financial settlement. But in hindsight, that may have been a huge mistake,” they say. The ongoing COVID-19 situation is making her doubt her seemingly-sudden divorce, the magazine argues. “Katie has huge expenses, and she’s not bringing in a steady paycheck from films or TV shows right now.” It’s not just her acting career that’s been put on hold, the “source” adds.

“[She] gets paid for showing up at events and hawking products. But there are no events now! When the pandemic is over, I wouldn’t be surprised if Katie and other stars get a lot less than they were getting for backing some of these products,” the still-anonymous source adds. “If they got $2,000 to stand there and hold a product and smile before the pandemic, they may get $800 when we come out of this. It’s humiliating, but hey, it’ll pay the bills.”

Alright, so the ultimate point of this article is that Katie Holmes might get paid less for future gigs — not that she’s doing a specifically humiliating gig as the headline implies. Besides the fact that this whole thing is speculation from just some dude, nearly every statement about the actress in this piece is false.

By all accounts, Katie Holmes’ divorce from Tom Cruise was meticulously and carefully planned for a while. She didn’t do anything that she didn’t think was best, and she certainly wasn’t acting rashly when she walked away with Suri. There is absolutely no chance that she’s now regretting that choice because she hasn’t been on a set in a few weeks. It’s insulting to both Holmes and her legal team to imply otherwise.

We’d also love to know where in the world it’d be possible to book Katie Holmes for an ad campaign for $2,000, let alone $800. This “source” clearly has no idea what a celebrity career looks like, so why in the world should we trust them with insight into Holmes’ deepest emotions and her finances? It’s a garbage basis for a garbage article.

Katie Holmes’ spokesperson specifically denied the claims made in the story, and we’re inclined to trust their knowledge of her bank account over the aforementioned anonymous bum. The worst part of it all is the fact that this isn’t even close to the first time that In Touch has been this offbase from reality.

Last November, it claimed that Tom Cruise was leaving Scientology after seeing a picture of Suri and learning that Holmes was single. A month before that, the magazine essentially tricked readers into thinking it had an interview with Cruise about getting back together with Holmes and reuniting with his daughter. These are stories that are blatantly false and built on lies, and the outlet doesn’t even have the decency to use some basic logic. Gossip Cop will keep busting these rumors.

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