Lady Gaga Having A Baby With Boyfriend Michael Polansky?

Lady Gaga poses in a sparkling black and silver outfit with blue hair and a black crown

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Has Lady Gaga gone “baby crazy” with her boyfriend, Michael Polansky? One tabloid this week says so. Gossip Cop looked into the claim and can debunk it.

According to an article in the latest issue of the Globe, Lady Gaga is already thinking about having kids with Michael Polansky, the tech entrepreneur she’s been dating for the past several months. “She’s openly wanted a baby for some years now, but none of the previous guys were suitable for one reason or another,” a supposed “insider” says. “With Michael it just feels right. They’ve talked it through and have both agreed to start trying for a baby.”

The tabloid then goes on to talk, rather rudely, about how Lady Gaga’s “dating card” has been “littered with failure.” The article mentions her former fiancé, Christian Carino, framing their relationship as a “two-affair,” as well as a “reported fling with her A Star Is Born leading man, Bradley Cooper.” But, the shady insider goes on to say, Polansky is “the first to let her be herself and never question why she’s doing or saying anything.” Lady Gaga and Michael Polansky have reportedly “put an engagement on the back burner while plunging into baby-making.”

The tabloid media loves to speculate on Gaga’s dating life, and Gossip Cop finds this story to be just as bogus as so many of the others we’ve busted recently about the singer. Just a couple of weeks ago, we debunked a very similar claim from Life & Style alleging that Lady Gaga was “desperate” to get married and have a kid. To find out more about that claim, we reached out to a source close to the couple, who assured us the story was false. Lady Gaga was not urging Michael Polansky to get her pregnant. The pop star has said she’s interested in having kids — but, as she said in one interview, it’s something she hopes to do sometime in the next decade. It’s not necessarily at the top of her to-do list right now.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a tabloid story about Lady Gaga without some mention of that supposed “fling” with Bradley Cooper. Gaga and Cooper teamed up for the romantic drama A Star Is Born, and throughout 2019, almost every magazine at the supermarket checkout ran stories about how the two co-stars were supposedly developing a romance, which they weren’t.

Last March, for example, Gossip Cop busted the Globe for claiming that Cooper and Gaga were “all over each other” at an Oscars party that awards season. That June, the unreliable tabloid falsely reported that Gaga was competing with Cooper’s frequent collaborator Jennifer Lawrence for a role in his upcoming film Nightmare Alley. It got to the point where we started to wonder if this would be the only thing we’d be talking about for the rest of time. Fortunately, with time, the tabloids got bored of pushing this narrative and have mostly moved on to her new boyfriend, save for the odd phony article here and there.

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