Researchers Say There’s Evidence That Could Prove Many Biblical Events Actually Took Place

For Christians around the world, the Bible is considered to be a sacred text. Even for people who aren’t religious, the Bible contains stories that have become touchstones for many. But how much of what’s written inside of its pages is the truth?

While some things are impossible to know for certain, many of the mysteries of this sacred text have already been solved. Some of the most important people and places in the Bible really existed, and scientists finally have proof of them. Prepare for everything you thought you knew to change forever…

1. The real face of Jesus: Recently, forensic anthropologists recreated the face of a man they believe to be Jesus of Nazareth. While Christians have no doubt in his existence, even skeptics might be swayed by this depiction of the man believed by some to be the son of God.

2. Mary Magdalene’s identity: For years the Church of Saint-Maximin claimed to possess the bones of this friend to Jesus. Recently, a forensic artist was able to verify that those remains do belong to a woman originally from the same region where Magdalene was believed to have lived.

3. King Solomon’s wall: In the 10th Century BCE according to the Bible, King Solomon decreed that a wall would be built in the city to protect it from interlopers. Archaeologists recently uncovered remnants of a wall built in that era that seems as if it could easily be the wall in question.

4. The Tower of Babel: According to the Book of Genesis, this biblical tower was constructed by Noah’s relatives. Eventually, the tower became a symbol for their pride, and in the bible, the one language people spoke was replaced with countless different languages, making it impossible for people to understand each other.

The ziggurat, or tower, Etemenanki, is located in the same part of the former ancient city of Babylon, modern day Iraq. Many believe that Etemenanki, the tallest of the towers, is the tower from the Old Testament.