Researchers Say There’s Evidence That Could Prove Many Biblical Events Actually Took Place

5. Proof of the Great Flood: If you believe the old Testament, then you know about the Great Flood that led Noah to build his ark and fill it with two animals of every kind. Scientists recently proved that 7,000 years ago a flood did devastate the regions surrounding the Black Sea killing upwards of 100,000 people.

6. Noah’s Ark: Countless people have made claims that they discovered the original remnants of Noah’s Ark. However, if it existed, chances are that the wood would have been immediately used as timber after the flood passed. Still, that doesn’t stop people from marking the ark on Google Maps.

7. The brother of Jesus: For years, rumors have circulated that Jesus had a brother, the Apostle James. This speculation reached a fever pitch when in the 1970s a casket with the words  “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus” written upon it was found from around the era Jesus was thought to live.

8. Queen Jezebel: In the 9th Century BCE, Queen Jezebel was said to rule Israel and force people to worship her preferred deity, Baal. In the 1980s, a seal with her name and insignia was found on an archaeological dig, proving that the queen did exist.

9. The Great Plagues: In the Bible, Moses summons 10 great plagues to befall the people of Egypt should they not release their slaves, the Jewish people. For centuries, people believed that these plagues were just a story.

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